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Customizing Col

Colonization Cheats, Cheat Codes

Here are some cheats for Sid Meier's Colonization for you. If you find that a certain cheat is not working, it may be due to the fact that some cheats only work on earlier versions of the game. MicroProse made a cheat mode tool for game tesing purposes, and this was made available in the 3.0 patch (for DOS). If you have an earlier version, you can get the patch here.

Enter Cheat Mode

Hold Alt and type WIN ("W" then "I" then "N") to access Cheat Mode. A cheat menu wil now appear. You can also enter the following codes:

At the Colony screen:

Shift + 1 Finish all buildings in city
Shift + 2 Town Hall disappears
Shift + 4 Get $1000
Shift + 5 100 more of selected cargo
Shift + 6 100 more of selection
Shift + S Promote colonist
Shift + T Add more colonists to city
Shift + Space Turn elapses instantly

Cheats on Europe screen:

$ = Add 1000 gold to treasury
[ = Lower tax rate by 1%
] = Raise tax rate by 1%

At the Map screen:

Shift + F1 Make colonists
Shift + F2 Show debug info
Shift + F4 Full map
Shift + F5 Set human player
Shift + F6 Kill natives
Shift + F7 Advance revolution status
Shift + F8 See strategy
Shift + F9 See colony site ranking
Shift + F10 Test routine

To turn cheat mode off again press Alt+W.

No competition cheat

In the DOS version you can edit the names.txt file to set the speed of the caravel to 0. If you then pick the Dutch you won't have competition from the other countries because their ships can't reach land. Just make sure that you don't attack their caravels or they will get privateers from their home country and will start creating settlements.
(Thanks to Cheater for revealing this cheat)

Selling cargo during boycott

When your ship is active, select the cargo you want to sell and press U. (Unload function)
This cheat no longer works after the colv30 patch.

Get more Founding Fathers options

If you hit the escape button when you have the Founding Fathers selection menu up, new choises will appear.
This cheat no longer works after the colv30 patch.

If you know a cheat that isn't already listed here, please tell us about it.