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Colonization Colonists

Expert Farmers

Some of your people have a knack for growing food crops and an understanding of weather and seasons. These experts can be found in Europe as immigrants or trained at the Royal University. Some Native Americans are excellent farmers, as well, and can teach free colonists and indentured servants the secrets of agriculture. The best place for farming is in the plains.

Expert farmers grow 2 more food in a square than other farmers. Top

Master Sugar Planters

Planting and tending of sugar cane is a complicated job that takes planning and special techniques. Only the Native Americans are knowledgeable enough to be called experts, and only they can teach your people to do it. However, a colonist that works at it long enough may become a master himself.

The best place for sugar cultivation is in the savannah.

Master sugar planters are twice as productive as others. Top

Master Tobacco Planters

Tobacco is found in great abundance in the New World. It is cultivated and used by the Native Americans for many ritual as well as leisure purposes. Some Indians have great knowledge of this mysterious weed and will help your people become masters at cultivating it. The best place for tobacco cultivation is in the grasslands.

Master tobacco planters are twice as productive at growing tobacco than others.

Here are some tips on how and where to get the tobacco planter skill in colonization. Top

Master Cotton Planters

The cotton found in the New World is of high quality, capable of being spun into fine fabrics and garments. Master planters of cotton must be trained by the Native Americans who have learned through years of experience the best ways to cultivate this staple crop. The best place for cotton cultivation is in the prairie.

Master cotton planters are twice as productive at growing cotton than all others. Top

Master Fur Trappers

The New World is abundantly supplied with fur-bearing mammals whose pelts can be sold for a handsome profit in Europe. Native Americans have long studied and trapped these creatures for their fur and meat. Your people can learn the ways of the forest creatures and become master trappers only from the Indians.

The best place to find fur is in wooded country, especially in colder climates.

A master trapper is twice as productive as other trappers. Top

Expert Lumberjacks

Lumber has long been a necessity in both New and Old Worlds. Expert lumber men can be found on the docks of Europe or trained there.

The best places for lumber cutting are forests and woodlands.

Expert lumberjacks are able to yield twice as much lumber as others. Top

Expert Ore Miners

Since the Iron Age, mining has been an important occupation in the Old World. There are many experts there who understand minerals and deposits, veins and mine construction. You can get expert miners from the European Docks or from training them.

The best places to find ore are mountains, hills, and swamps, especially where there are mineral deposits.

Expert ore miners are twice as productive as others. Top

Expert Silver Miners

Like ore mining, silver mining is an important and lucrative skill that is widely understood in Europe.

The best place to find silver is in the mountains, especially where there are deposits.

Expert silver miners are twice as productive as others. Top

Expert Fishermen

Fishing has long been a lucrative business in Europe, and many of your immigrants come with expertise in this area -- an understanding of the habits and habitats of fish. The best places to fish are along the coasts of the oceans and in the lakes.

In general the more land that borders the square in which a fisherman works, the more productive he is.

Expert fisherman are twice as productive as others. Top

Expert Distillers

The craft of transforming raw sugar into rum and other spirits is as old as civilization itself. Some of the immigrants that come to your shores will have knowledge of these techniques.

An expert distiller is twice as productive as an ordinary colonist working as a distiller. Top

Master Tobacconists

After observing the Indians smoking tobacco and learning the many nuances of pipe and cigar construction, a small industry has risen in Europe to take advantage of this new market. Tobacconists convert tobacco into cigars. Master tobacconists appear on the Docks in Europe or can be trained there.

A master tobacconist is twice as productive as an ordinary colonist working as a tobacconist. Top

Master Weavers

Weaving is an age-old craft that dates back as far as human memory. Weavers convert cotton into cloth and appear in Europe as immigrants, or can be trained there.

Master weavers are twice as productive as others at weaving cotton into cloth. Top

Master Fur Traders

The abundance of fur in the New World has vitalized the fur industry in Europe, and many expert furriers are coming to the New World to make their fortunes. Fur traders convert furs into coats and you get expert fur traders from the docks, or you can train them.

Master fur traders are twice as productive as other colonists working as traders converting fur into coats. Top

Expert Carpenters

The timberland of the New world provides the raw materials for a host of construction projects. A master carpenter is essential to the development of your colonial society. Master carpenters appear on the docks in Europe or can be trained there.

They are twice as productive as an ordinary colonistS working as carpenters, converting lumber into buildings. Top

Expert Blacksmiths

Metal working is an essential ingredient to successful colonization. Blacksmiths can repair metal implements and create new ones. Blacksmiths transform ore into tools. Expert blacksmiths appear on the docks in Europe or can be trained there.

Expert blacksmiths are twice as productive as ordinary colonists working as blacksmiths. Top

Master Gunsmiths

The ability to arm your people with weapons is fundamental in your journey towards independence. Gunsmiths transform tools into muskets. Expert gunsmiths appear on the docks in Europe or can be trained there.

They are twice as productive as an ordinary colonist working as a gunsmith. Top

Firebrand Preachers

Religious unrest in Europe is a catalyst for immigration to the New World and is increased by preachers in the new world. Preachers produce crosses, representing religious freedom in the New World. The more crosses produced in America, the faster immigrants flock to the docks in Europe.

A firebrand preacher produces twice the number of crosses as another colonists preaching in a church or cathedral. Top

Elder Statesmen

Politicians are valuable members of your society, for they build your political infrastructure. Statesmen produce Liberty Bells, representing governmental sophistication and patriotic fervor. Elder statesmen can be trained in Europe or found on the docks there.

Elder statesmen produce twice the number of Liberty Bells as ordinary colonists working as statesmen in the Town Hall. Top

Free Colonists

Free Colonists are immigrants desiring to go to the New World as free men and women and willing to work for the good of their communities. Free colonists are productive in all spheres of work -- in the fields and in the cottages. Short of being specially trained in a trade, they are the most productive members of your society. Top