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Trade Adam Smith
Jacob Fugger
Peter Minuit
Peter Stuyvesant
Jan de Witt Exploration Ferdinand Magellan
Francisco de Coronado
Hernando de Soto
Henry Hudson
La Salle Military Hernan Cortez
George Washington
Paul Revere
Francis Drake
John Paul Jones Politics Thomas Jefferson
Thomas Paine
Simon Bolivar
Benjamin Franklin Religion William Brewster
William Penn
Jean de Brebeuf
Juan de Sepulveda
Bortolome de la Casas

Founding Fathers in Colonization

The Continental Congress in Colonization consists of the Founding Fathers. Each Founding Father brings some advantage to your New World endevour. For those of you familiar with Civilization : Founding Fathers are like World Wonders, except in Colonization all European Powers can get all the Founding Fathers, more like the National Wonders in Civ IV.

A Founding father joins your Congress when a certain amount of liberty bells has been produced. The required number of bells increases gradually for each new Founding Father.

Click any Founding Father for further details:
Continental Congress Benjamin Franklin Hernan Cortez George Washington Thomas Jefferson La Salle Paul Revere John Paul Jones Francis Drake Ferdinand Magellan Pocahontas Peter Minuit Jan de Witt Adam Smith Simon Bolivar Peter Styvesant William Brewster Thomas Paine Francisco Coronado Hernando de Soto Juan de Sepulveda Henry Hudson William Penn Jean de Brebeuf Bortolome de la Casas Jacob Fugger


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Name Description Effect
Adam Smith
British economist who published the first major work of political economy, "An Inquiry into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations," which was a detailed examination of the consequences of economic freedom. Adam Smith allows factory level buildings to be built in the colonies. Factories allow the production of 1 and 1/2 units of manufactured goods for each unit of raw materials.
Jakob Fugger
Extremely successful German merchant active in early import and export business from the East Indies. Exceedingly rich, he loaned money to Emperor Maxmillian I of Germany. When Fugger joins the Congress, all boycotts currently in effect are forgiven, without back taxes. Trade in these goods may be resumed at no cost.
Peter Minuit
Director-general of the Dutch West India Company's colony in America, he bought the Island of Manhattan from the Indians for $24. Once Peter Minuit joins the Continental Congress, the Indians no longer demand payment for their land.
Peter Stuyvesant
First successful governor of the Dutch colony of New Amsterdam (New York), he ruled harshly and promoted increased trade and increased protection of New World interests. Peter Stuyvesant allows construction of the Custom House in your colonies which can streamline trade with Europe and allows European trade during the Revolution.
Jan de Witt
Dutch statesmen and Chief Minister of the United Provinces of the Netherlands, he sought to abolish the office of the stadtholder and to limit the power of the House of Orange. When de Witt joins your Congress, trade with foreign coloniesis allowed. In addition, your Foreign Affairs report becomes more
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Name Description Effect
Ferdinand Magellan
Portuguese explorer who led the first European expedition to successfully circumnavigate the globe. Although Magellan himself did not complete the voyage, his leadership and daring made it possible. With Magellan in the Congress, the movement allowance of all naval vessels is increased by one, and the time to sail from the west map edge to Europe is shortened considerably.
Francisco de Coronado
Spanish conquistador who led the first European expedition into the American southwest. He was the first to observe the Grand Canyon and the Pueblos of New Mexico. Coronado was a careful organizer and a great scout who gleaned valuable information about a wide area. When he joins the Congress, all existing colonies and the area around them become visible on the map.
Hernando de Soto
Ruthless Spanish Conquistador who led the first European expedition into the southeastern areas of North America. He landed in Florida and explored much of Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas. With De Soto, results of exploring Lost City Rumors are always positive using a Seasoned Scout, and all units have an extended sighting radius.
Henry Hudson
English explorer, in the service of the Netherlands, who explored Chesapeake and Delaware bays and the Hudson River as far north as present-day Albany. Hudson later discovered Hudson bay and was finally killed by mutineers. Hudson bay became a primary fur trapping preserve, and the Hudson Bay Company operated extensive trapping and processing facilities for many years. Hudson increases the output of all Fur trappers by 100%.
La Salle
French Explorer who sailed down the Mississippi River into the Gulf of Mexico and claimed for the French Crown all land drained by this mighty river. He was instrumental in establishing French dominance west of the Appalachians. La Salle gives all existing and future colonies a stockade when the population of the colony reaches 3.
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Name Description Effect

Hernan Cortes

Spanish conqueror of Mexico and destroyer of the Aztec empire, Cortes is the paradigm conquistador, a master of conquest and plunder. When Cortes joins your Congress, conquered native settlements always yield treasure, in greater abundance, and the king's galleons transport the treasure free of charge.
George Washington
Commander of American revolutionary forces and first President of the United States, George Washington displayed a remarkable ability to train and inspire colonial forces to victory. Once Washington joins the Continental Congress, every non-veteransoldier or dragoon who wins a combat is automatically upgraded.
Paul Revere
American patriot who served in the Continental Army during the War of Independence and roused the minutemen as British forces approached. Paul Revere's example as a patriot allows colonists working at productive duties to become minutemen, capable of rallying to the defense of the colony in times of danger. When a colony with no standing soldiers is attacked, a colonist
automatically takes up any stockpiled muskets in defense of the colony.
Francis Drake
England's greatest seaman of the Elizabethan period, Drake was a formidable privateer who terrorized the Spanish Main with a fleet of fifteen ships then rescued a floundering English colony. When Drake joins the Congress, the combat strengths of all your
privateers are increased by 50%.
John Paul Jones
Daring Scottish naval commander who served for the colonies during the War of Independence, he demonstrated his incredible abilities in many daring exploits in battle. When Jones enters the Congress, a Frigate is added to your colonialnavy, without cost.
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Name Description Effect
Thomas Jefferson
Great US statesman, framer of the Constitution, and third President of the United States, Jefferson promoted the development of democratic institutions within Colonial America. Jefferson's presence in the Congress increases Liberty Bell production of statesmen by 50%.
Powhattan Indian princess who mediated tensions between the English colony at Jamestown and the Powhattan Confederacy of Virginia. Pocahontas married John Rolffe, an Englishman from Jamestown, which led to a period of peace between the Indians and the English. When Pocahontas joins the Congress, all tension levels between you and the natives are reduced to content, and all Indian alarm is generated half as fast.

Thomas Paine

Englishman that migrated to Philadelphia and wrote the important, inflammatory pamphlet, "Common Sense," which strongly advocated total independence for the colonies. He later wrote "The Rights of Man" in favor of the French Revolution, and finally "The Age of Reason." When Paine enters the Continental Congress, Liberty Bell production in all colonies is increased by value of the current tax rate.
Simon Bolivar
Organized and, in large part, conducted the rebellions in a vast area of northern South America, liberating current-day Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Bolivia. When Bolivar is in the Congress, Sons of Liberty membership in all your colonies is increased by 20%.
Benjamin Franklin
Colonial and later US Statesman who became the first Postmaster, printer, and foreign ambassador in the English colonies. He was also one of the first great American scientists. Franklin, as ambassador to Europe in the Continental Congress, brings coherence to the colonies' relations with foreign powers. The King's European Wars have no further effect on the relations between the powers in the New World, and Europeans in the New World always offer peace in negotiations.
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Name Description Effect
William Brewster
One of the Pilgrim Fathers and framers of the Mayflower Compact, William Brewster served as the first Pilgrim minister, and was instrumental in organizing the party that sailed on the Mayflower. With Brewster in the Congress, no more criminals or servants appear on the docks, and you select which immigrant in the Recruitment Pool will move to the docks.
William Penn
English Quaker leader and founder of Pennsylvania, William Penn obtained a large land grant in North America for religious freedom. This land later became Pennsylvania. With Penn, cross production in all colonies is increased by 50%.
Jean de Brebeuf
French Jesuit Missionary who died at the hands of the Iroquois in the Huron country of Canada in a battle between the Hurons and Iroquois. He translated the Catechism into the Huron language and was canonized in 1930. With de Brebeuf in the Congress, all missionaries function as experts.
Juan de Sepulveda
(ca. 1490-ca. 1573
Spanish philosopher and "humanist" who argued for harsh treatment of the natives. He based his reasoning on the proposition that the Natives were incapable of ruling themselves because of their savagery; this was proved by their inability to resist Spanish invasion. His presence in the Congress increases the chance that subjugated Indians will "convert" and join a colony.
Bartolome de Las Casas
The "Apostle of the Indians," Las Casas was a Spanish missionary who sailed with Columbus' third expedition. His efforts to protect the native population from slavery and abuse led him to speak on their behalf in the Spanish courts on several occasions. With Las Casas, all currently existing Indian converts are assimilatedinto the colonies as free colonists.

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