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Civ IV: Colonization Founding Fathers

There are 52 founding fathers in Civ 4: Colonization. They are divided into the five categories: exploration, religion, trade, military, and politics. A founding father provides some kind of advantage to your colonies, such as increased productivity, improved native relations, military promotions and so on.

A founding father will offer to join you when:

• You reach the threshold of points needed for that founding father
• He or she has not yet joined a rival nation

In other words, you'll have to pay close attention and make sure you get the ones you want the most before any of your rivals do. You might want to turn some of them down, save the points, and head for a more expensive founding father you consider more important. Note, however, that once they are turned down they will not offer to join you again.

Founding fathers in the politics category need political points only, but the ones in the other categories need points for their respective categories in addition to the political points.

Political points
This is the most important category, because all founding fathers need political points. Your exploration points may go through the charts, but you will not get any offers from even the most basic exploration fathers unless you also produce sufficient political points. Get political points by producing liberty bells or by assigning citizens to produce political points at the carpenter's shop or lumber mill.

Exploration points
Needed for founding fathers in the exploration category. Get exploration points by exploring the map and visiting native villages, or by producing them at the carpenter's shop or lumber mill.

Religious points
Needed for founding fathers in the religion category. Get religious points by building churches and cathedrals and assign citizens to produce crosses. Religious points can also be produced at the carpenter's shop or lumber mill.

Trade points
Needed for founding fathers in the trade category. Trade points are earned through trade missions or by assigning citizens to produce trade points at the carpenter's shop or lumber mill.

Military points
Needed for founding fathers in the military category. Get military points by fighting in the New World, or assign citizens to produce them at the carpenter's shop or lumber mill.



(name, effect, cost*)
*at explorer level, normal game speed.

Pedro Alvarez Cabral 50% less travel time to Europe 210 PP
420 EP
Juan Ponce de Leon 2 times as likely to get treasure from ancient treasure 280 PP
560 EP
Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada Reveals all tiles with burial grounds and ancient ruins 350 PP
770 EP
Vasco Nunez de Balboa +25% defense in all settlements 455 PP
980 EP
Giovanni da Verrazzano Provides 1 Caravel 560 PP
1330 EP
Juan de Bermudez +1 movement for Caravel, Merchantman, Galleon 770 PP
1750 EP
John Smith -50% cost of native land purchasing 980 PP
2380 EP
Jacques Marquette +1 movement for scout 1330 PP
3150 EP
Alexander von Humboldt 50% faster production of College, University 1750 PP
4200 EP
Lewis and Clark -50% pioneer equipment needed
+1 movement for wagon train
2380 PP
5600 EP
Bortolome de la Casas +50% conversion rate from missions 280 PP
315 RP
Juan de Sepulveda Provides 2 converted natives 385 PP
420 RP
William Brewster -25% cost of native land purchasing 490 PP
560 RP
Thomas Hooker Provides 3 Jesuit Missionaries 630 PP
770 RP
Roger Williams +25% converstion rate from missions
Strengthens relations with natives
840 PP
980 RP
Gabrielle Lellemant 50% faster production of Church, Cathedral 1120 PP
1330 RP
William Penn +3 crosses for every Town Hall
Strengthens relations with natives
1470 PP
1750 RP
John Harvard Free Schoolhouse in every settlement 1960 PP
2380 RP
Sor Juana +3 crosses per Church and Cathedral 2660 PP
3150 RP
Gregorio de Mattos e Guerra +2 bells per Church
+3 bells per Cathedral
3500 PP
4200 RP
Nathaniel Hawthorne Provides 3 elder statesmen 4760 PP
5600 RP
Peter Minuit -25% cost of recruiting units in Europe 280 PP
420 TP
John Rolfe +25% tobacco production in all settlements 385 PP
560 TP
Lord Baltimore Increases cross production by the tax rate 490 PP
770 TP
Jan de Witt -50% tools required for buildings 630 PP
1050 TP
Adam Smith 50% faster production of Textile Mill, Coats/Rum/Cigar Factories 840 PP
1400 TP
Alexander Hamilton +3 hammers per Town Hall 1120 PP
1890 TP
John Jacob Astor +50% fur in every settlement 1470 PP
2520 TP
Eli Whitney +50% cotton production in all settlements 1960 PP
3360 TP
Cyrus McCormick +1 food on plots with 2 food
+50% sugar per settlement
2660 PP
4410 TP
Hernan Cortez Free Stockade in every settlement 280 PP
140 MP
Francisco Pizarro Free promotion (Looter) 385 PP
210 MP
Diego Velasquez de Cuellar Provides 3 Indentured Servants 490 PP
280 MP
Hernando de Soto Free promotion (Grenadier 1) 630 PP
350 MP
Francisco de Coronado +1 movement for Dragoon 840 PP
420 MP
Chief Powhatan +50% strength for converted natives 1120 PP
560 MP
Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve Free promotion (Formation)
+1 movement for converts
1470 PP
770 MP
Ethan Allen Free promotion (Ranger 1, Mountaineer 1) 2660 PP
1050 MP
John Paul Jones Provides 1 Frigate 3500 PP
1400 MP
Marquis de la Fayette Increases gun production by the tax rate 6300 PP
1820 MP
Dom Pedro I +50% Great General emergence
Free promotion (Veteran 1, Minuteman 1)
8400 PP
2520 MP
John Winthrop +1 cross per town hall 630
Pocahontas Strengthens relations with the natives 840
Benjamin Franklin +3 liberty bells per printing press, newspaper 1120
Samuel Adams Increases liberty bells production by the tax rate 1470
Patrick Henry +3 bells per town hall 1960
John Jay +25% bells in every settlement 2660
Thomas Paine Increases hammer production by tax rate 3500
James Madison +3 guns per armory, magazine, arsenal 4760
Betsy Ross +3 cloth per weaver's house, weaver's shop, textile mill 6300
Washington Irving +1 bell per schoolhouse
+2 bells per college
+3 bells per university
Alexis de Tocqueville +50% education
+3 bells per University

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