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Civ 4 Colonization Goods and Materials

Goods and materials are essential for establishing a healthy economy and equipping pioneers to improve the land as well as soldiers to fight the enemy. Harvesting-, refining-, trading- and safeguarding the flow of goods and materials is a vital part of Civ IV Colonization.

The New World provides abundant sources of raw materials, and the natives teach important skills which make your colonists experts on cultivating them. Raw materials can be sold directly or processed into luxury goods. If your settlements build the powerful factory buildings, one item of raw material will produce 1,5 items of processed goods.

Your hard working population needs to eat, so providing enough food is important. Producing excess food will grow your population from time to time. When your warehouse exceeds 200 food (normal game speed) in a settlement, that food is turned into a Free Colonist. Your ranchers also need food to produce horses.

During the early stages of the game, Europe provides you with important goods such as tools, guns, horses and trade goods. These can be used to further development in the New World, and in time you may become self sufficient and start producing your own tools, guns and horses.

List of goods and materials:

Image Name Use Buy Sell Turn into
Food Food • Feeding population, prod. horses
• Trade
8-10 0-2
Lumber Lumber • Producing hammers
• Trade
3-4 0-1
Cotton Cotton • Production of Cloth
• Trade
5-7 3-5
Fur Fur • Production of Coats
• Trade
6-8 4-6
Sugar Sugar • Production of Rum
• Trade
6-8 4-6
Tobacco Tobacco • Production of Cigars
• Trade
5-7 3-5
Ore Ore • Production of Tools
• Trade
5-7 2-4
Silver Silver • Trade 2-20 1-19  
Cloth Cloth • Trade 9-13 8-12  
Coats Coats • Trade 9-13 8-12  
Rum Rum • Trade 9-13 8-12  
Cigars Cigars • Trade 9-13 8-12  
Tools Tools • Equipping Pioneers
• Buildings/ships/cannons
• Trade
2-3 1-2
Guns Guns

• Equipping Soldiers
• Some buildings and warships
• Trade

6-8 3-5  
Horses Horses • Equip Scouts, Dragoons
• Build Stable and Ranch
• Trade
6-8 4-6  
Trade Goods Trade Goods • Trade with natives 2-3 1-2  
Liberty Bells Liberty Bells • Increases rebel sentiment
• Produces political points
Crosses Crosses • Increases immigration      
Education Education • Educates citizens      
Production Production • Produce buildings, units, FF points      

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