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Civ IV: Colonization Natives

There are eight Native American Nations:

Nation   Leader Traits  
Mangas Coloradas Impressionable
Arawak Agueybana Impressionable
Aztec Montezuma Prosperous (+300%)
Cherokee Oconostota Impressionable
Inca Huayna Capac Prosperous (+300%)
Iroquois Logan Indulgent
Sioux Sitting Bull Impressionable
Tupi Cumhambebe Prosperous (+100%)


Trait Bonus
Gracious +100% gold at first European contact with villages.
Impressionable +100% Native conversion from Missions.
Indulgent -50% cost of native land purchasing.
Mentor -50% time spent living among natives to learn skill.
Prosperous Extra treasure yield when villages are captured (100%-300%)


Mangas Coloradas Mangas Coloradas, or "Red Sleeves", is regarded to be one of the most important Apache leaders in the 19th century. Led a series of retaliatory raids against the Mexicans, and joined with Geronimo to drive out settlers from Apache territory during the Civil War.
Agueybana Agueybana, meaning "the Great Sun", believed the Spaniards to be gods and was very welcoming toward the newcomers. He joined Ponce de León on some of his exploration missions which helped keep the peace. Relations deteriorated after his death.
Montezuma During his reign, Montezuma expanded the Aztec Empire to its maximal size through warfare. Allowed Hernan Cortez and the Spaniards to stay as his guests for several months, but relations later deteriorated which consequently led to his death.
Oconostota Called the Warrior of Chota, a Cherokee town in Tennessee, and later became War Chief of the Cherokee nation. Sided with the French in the French and Indian War. Went to London and married Lucy Ward, a former lady-in-waiting to the Queen of England
Huayna Capac Sapa Inca, or "God Emperor of the Inca Empire, who extended the empire significantly. Before his death he split his empire between two of his sons, who then fought a civil war, which ultimately may have led to the downfall of the Inca Empire.
Logan Famous Indian leader who swore revenge after most of his family members were killed by frontiersmen in the Yellow Creek massacre. Wrote a famous speech called Logan's Lament after Dunmore's War, which was printed in colonial newspapers.
Sitting Bull Sioux holy man who is said to have an intense spirituality. He became agitated by settlers and traders, and later defeated Custer's cavalry at the Battle of Little Bighorn. Fled to Canada where he remained in exile, refusing a pardon and the chance to return.
Cumhambebe Chieftain of the Tupi tribe, and leader of a military alliance between the sea coast tribes against the Portuguese. Also allied with the French against the Portuguese. Known to be a fierce warrior.