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Civilization 4 Colonization Previews

Here is a list of some Civilization IV: Colonization previews. Many of them reveal new and exciting game features. To make the information more accessible, we have compiled a list of new features here:

Previews: September, 2008

Sep 16: Fidgit Game Diaries Nice Civ IV: Colonization series.
Sep 12: Gamespot Multiplayer Hands-On + Gameplay Videos
Sep 12: IGN: Spanish Faction Profile Final nation presented in this series.
Sep 05: IGN: Video Walkthrough A short video introduction of the game.
Sep 04: IGN: French Faction Profile Third in their series.
Sep 03: WorthPlaying Maps, customization, victory conditions, game speed.

August, 2008

August 28: IGN: English Faction Profile Second nation in the series.
August 22: IGN: Dutch Faction Profile Presentation of the Dutch Nation in Col.
August 21: Gamespy
August 19:
August 18:
August 15: IGN
August 15: Apolyton (Podcast) Sit back and listen!
August 14: Jeuxvideo
August 14:
August 14: VideoGamer
August 12: IGN

July, 2008

July 20: Joystiq
July 18: Gamespy
July 18: GameZone
July 17: NZGamer
July 16: Gamespot (Video)
July 16: Shacknews
July 15: IGN
July 15: Gamespot
July 14: E3 2008 kicks off..
July 08: WorthPlaying
July 03: Bigdownload

June, 2008

June 27: 1up
June 26: Gamespot
June 26: IGN
June 25: Gamespy
June 24: Games Radar
June 13: Gamespot (Sid Meier Q&A)
June 09: WorthPlaying
June 09: Gamasutra