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Civilization 4 Colonization Reviews

Gamespot (8/10)
"Civilization IV: Colonization is greatly enhanced by its ability to transport you to a specific moment in history. The lush visuals make the land a joy to work, and the mix of indigenous, American, and European music sets the perfect tone.."

IGN (8.7/10)
"A worthy sequel to a long-neglected classic." [...] .. " Colonization is brilliant, not just for the way that it successfully captures the fun and feel of one of a classic PC game, but also for the way that it brings that design into a new era."

Game Informer (9/10)
"Like all good strategy games, Colonization’s greatest strength is how it forces players to fit a somewhat-random set of pieces into an ever-changing puzzle. Since you need money for everything, setting up your economy is the first order of business [...] any gamer should have a blast with Colonization."

Videogamer (9/10)
"Civilization IV: Colonization takes a classic game and updates it for 2008, without screwing around with the things that made it great in the first place. Because it does this, we like it a lot. If you like absorbing strategy games, then you probably will too."

Eurogamer (8/10)
"Civilization 4: Colonization is great because Colonization was great. It sweeps you along in the same birchbark-canoe-on-a-raging-river manner. It keeps you away from mattress and mates just as effectively. If only more remakes were this sensitive."

NZGamer (8.3/10)
"Once you've declared your independence, you face the full wrath of your motherland. And this is really where Colonization makes its mark. While it doesn't have the scope and the different gameplay options of Civ IV, it does have an impressive Boss battle..."

PC Gamer US/GamesRadar (8/10)
"Civ IV’s rock-solid engine has gotten an impressive graphical update, with lush green environments and reflective water. The world looks almost too good for this kind of game [...] If you missed Col the first time around (and most of you probably did), now is an excellent chance to pick it up and dive into the colonial era."