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Colonization 2 Projects

Since the release of Sid Meier's Colonization in 1994, fans of the game have been developing their own projects. Here is a presentation of some of these projects:

If you're looking for the official 2008 remake of Colonization you'll find it here.

FreeCol - the Colonization of America

FreeCol is an Open Source version of Colonization. The project aims to bring a free version of the game to all Col fans out there. First there will be a clone of the original 1994 game, with some added features like multiplayer support. New features are added one at a time, which means that it's possible to play the game even if all features haven't been implemented yet.

After the release of version 1.0.0, the goal is to start working towards FreeCol 2, which will be "an implementation of our (and our user's) image of what Colonization 2 would have been".

If you're an old time fan of Colonization, or you're on the lookout for good games that are free, you should check out this project. The site contains documentation, screenshots and updates on the continuing development. Download the latest version here:

FreeCol - the Colonization of America

If you'd like to contribute and have a say in whats to come, you can do so here.

Check out this FreeCol gameplay series from GhazPlays @ YouTube, this is part one:


This is an educational project for students wanting to learn more about computer programming. It is inspired by Sid Meier's Civilization series and Colonization. The game features are very similar to those of Colonization, but some additional features are being added, among them being: more unit complexity (experience, health), european cities on map and open for trade, more countries (Germany, Portugal, Russia, Italy etc.) and much more.

Check out their site here: NewCol