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Colonists who support the king.

Production Penalty:
This penalty sets in if a colony has too many Tories in it. The number of Tories allowed depends on the difficulty level.

How to turn them:
Produce Liberty Bells and they will become Sons of Liberty members. Sons of Liberty members support independence from the king.

Colonization Difficulty Levels

There are five difficulty levels in Sid Meier's Colonization:



In general, here's what happens when you move to the right on this scale:

• The King's army gets larger.
• You need more Liberty Bells to get new Founding Fathers.
• Productivity in the colony field decreases.
• Native alarm increases.
• Computer players become more aggressive.
• Fewer skilled colonists are available for recruitment in Europe.
• More points are deducted from your score for destroying native settlements.


This is the easiest level. Select this level if you are new to Sid Meier’s Colonization and want to get to know the basics of the game. When playing at the Discoverer level the in-game tutorial tips are on by default, explaining new concepts when they occur for the first time and suggesting colony sites, where to build roads and where to plow. This function can be switched off in the game menu.

At this level the colony field supports two or three colonists. In addition, you start off with 1000 gold and a Veteran Soldier. Your colonies can sustain up to nine Tories without being hit by the production penalty, and skilled colonists are waiting to be recruited at the docks in Europe.


This is a little harder than the Discoverer level, but still an easy level. Select Explorer if you'd like to go about your colony building business without too much disturbance.

You start off with a Veteran Soldier here as well, but you don't have as much gold, only 300. Your colonies can sustain up to eight Tories without being hit by the production penalty.


Now it gets interesting. At this level all areas become more difficult.

You no longer get that free Veteran Soldier at the beginning of the game unless you have chosen Spain. You start off with zero gold, which means you can't pick up anything in Europe until you have produced some valuable cargo in the New World or recruitments appear on the docks because of religious unrest.

The colony field provides only two food if built on forest, so you will have to clear and plow that field or assign a farmer to sustain any population increase.

Computer players are more aggressive, and natives are more easily alarmed. Colonies can sustain seven Tories without getting the production penalty.


This is a tough level, and there is little room for mistakes. That being said, one could perhaps argue that Explorer to Conquistador is a somewhat greater leap than Conquistador to Governor.

You get spoiled at the two easiest levels. At Conquistador you don't get any free rides, you actually have to think about defense and not just developing your colonies, and you have to do it with less resources.

But Governor is a good training ground for the ultimate test, the Viceroy level, and your colonies can only sustain six Tories without getting the production penalty.


This is the toughest level. This is of course the ultimate test for any hardcore Colonization fan. Once you've mastered this level, you're up there among the finest!

You will have to set out with a clear strategy, and you have to do well in all areas to make it. There's no room for mistakes.

Natives and European rivals are very aggressive at this level, so you will have to build up an army and a navy. Remove any rivals close to your colonies, but don't forget to keep an eye on the other ones as well. Stop them from declaring independence ahead of you.

Your colonies can only sustain five Tories without being hit by the production penalty, so start producing liberty bells early.

When you have mastered the Viceroy level, you might want to consider a hot seat game against one of your friends -- playing against another human player changes everything. Check out how to get the multiplayer mode in Colonization.