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Multiplayer Mode in Colonization

This guide describes how to get multiplayer mode in Sid Meier's Colonization.

A multiplayer mode was never implemented in the original Colonization, but it is in fact possible to play as anything from zero to all four European Powers by tweaking the .SAV files with a hex editor. If you don't feel comfortable using a hex editor, there is another workaround by using the cheat menu: Colonization Hot Seat.

Here's how to do it with a hex editor:

1. Download a hex editor. We have tried out and recommend WinHex , but there are many others available as well.

2. Start a new Colonization game. When the game starts, before you move your ship, save the game. Make a note of which save slot you use. (COLONY00.SAV to COLONY10.SAV) Exit the game.

3. In your hex editor, open the *.SAV file you used.

Edit these numbers:

00 means a human player controls that European Power.
01 means the computer controls that European Power.

Change the number(s) corresponding to the nation(s) you want to control from 01 to 00.

Of the lines marked with a red box:
1st line is: England
2nd line is: France
3rd line is: Spain
4th line is: The Netherlands

That's it. Now the game takes a new turn. Playing against another human player is a whole new challenge. Note, however, that declaring independence will cause the game to become a single-player game. The multiplayer feature does not work after the revolution. Instead, you should make your own rules as to what the victory conditions are. Some ideas for victory conditions:

Population: The first to achieve a certain amount of colonists, alternatively skilled colonists. (Labor Advisor)
Conquest: Eliminating the opponent.
Economic: First to reach a certain amount of goods sold. (Economic Advisor)
Time: The game ends in a stated year. The player with the best achievements at that time, wins.
Or, use combinations of the above.

There are many possibilities, be creative!