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July 18, 2008:

E3 2008: Civilization IV: Colonization

Some new Colonization features revealed at the E3 games expo this week. Many have been wondering if any new European powers will be included in the remake, but it looks like they will be sticking to the original four: England, France, Spain and The Netherlands. Each nation will have two leaders with different traits and advantages.

The original Sid Meier's Colonization had five founding fathers for each of the five categories. This time there will be a total of 52 founding fathers.

Great people will be introduced in this version as well. Excerpt from Gamespot:

"One such great person is a master furrier, who can craft exceptionally well-made coats out of the raw material of animal furs, which will fetch an extremely high price on the marketplace."

Another new feature is the option to form different types of government after declaring independence.

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