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August 25, 2008:

One Month to Release

Here is an update on the latest Civilization IV: Colonization events.

The game will be released on September 22 in the US, and September 26 in the rest of the world. That means only one more month of waiting! It's available for pre-order in some stores already.

We have seen some great previews, screenshots and videos lately. The game trailer was released, and some nice gameplay videos have surfaced as well. The game is looking good!

New info from previews, screenshots and videos have been added to the new-features section, now with 40 founding fathers. Some completed categories (nations/leaders/natives) have been moved to the Colonizopedia, so you might want to check that out.

New previews have been added to the previews list. If you are interested in the historical background of the four rivaling nations, you should stay tuned to IGN in the coming weeks. They just released the first of these four articles -- about the Dutch .

And finally, there was an interview with Sid Meier in the Escapist Magazine , of course a must-read for any Sid fan.


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