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September 18 , 2008:

Help Nominate PolyCast for PodCast Awards

PolyCast is a bi-weekly podcast of the Apolyton Civilization Fansite, featuring discussions and interviews relating to Sid Meier games, in particular the Civilization series.

They recently featured an interview with Maestro Sid Meier himself, and in one of their latest PolyCasts they discussed Civilization IV: Colonization with some of the developers of the game.

For fans, such interviews are of course an amazing opportunity to get their questions answered, and also to get some insight into the game developing process.

As a thanks to Apolyton for making these interviews available, fans now have a chance to help nominate them for the PodCast Awards in the categories "Gaming" and "Best Produced". The number of nominations they get counts for 40 % of the review grade, so let's make an effort here! Nominations close at 23:59 on Sept, 30th:

Go to the PodCast Awards site:

Nominate in the two categories "Gaming" and "Best Produced". (Nominating in more than these two categories will invalidate the nomination):

Podcast name: PolyCast
Podcast URL:

We're hoping for more coverage of Civ IV: Colonization in future PolyCasts, and wish Apolyton the best of luck on the nomination!

Check out :
Apolyton PolyCast

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