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September 19 , 2008:

GamesRadar Review: Civ IV Colonization gets 84%

Dan Stapleton of PC Gamer US has reviewed Sid Meier's Civilization IV: Colonization.

The game gets the impressive score 84%.

(PC Gamer scores games on a percentage scale, which is rounded to the closest whole number to determine the GamesRadar score).

The review discusses the complex handling of production in the colonies, as the review claims:

"Later in the game, automation becomes a necessity, as guiding the production of goods such as muskets on a large scale would be maddeningly complex."

Some areas are said to be poorly balanced, such as the combat system:

"I lost far too many battles from within heavily fortified cities, and dragoons seem to win nine out of 10 battles regardless of what unit they’re fighting and where."

The graphics definitely gets more than a pass:

"The world looks almost too good for this kind of game."

The GamesRadar review suggests that you'll love the addictive gameplay, high replay value, and excellent music and graphics, but not the imbalanced combat system, the education feature, or the "punishingly difficult revolution". We'll soon find out.

Read the full review at GamesRadar.

The game is set for release September 22 in the US, and September 26 in the rest of the world.

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