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February 15, 2009:

Official Patch Underway

The official patch colonization fans have been waiting for is in the works over at Firaxis games. The good news was revealed by Firaxis marketing associate Pete Murray in a Civfanatics forum thread:

Dear Civ IV: Colonization Community,

First of all, we’d like to thank you for the tremendous feedback you’ve given us for Civilization IV: Colonization. We’ve tracked your comments and have investigated suggestions and areas proposed for improvement that you’ve brought to our attention.

We wanted to let you know that we’re currently working on a patch that will be ready for release soon. We’ve made many updates to the game based on feedback we’ve received from the community. Here are some of the key changes:

- PITBOSS multiplayer executable has been added
- The end of the game is extended once a colony declares independence to give players more time to win

- The Royal Expeditionary force increases more slowly
- Satisfying the King’s demands delays increasing his expeditionary force
- Education points required for graduation increase more slowly
- Military ships (Frigate, Ship of the Line, Man-o-War) cannot enter native settlements
- Increased price of horses in Europe
- Armed Brave receives defensive bonuses
- Armed Mounted Brave does not receive defensive bonuses

- AI colony leaders are less friendly
- AI produces more defenders in their settlements
- AI prepares better for revolution (they may beat you to independence!)

Bug Fixes
- King no longer asks for money after you have declared independence
- King no longer raises taxes after you have declared independence
- King no longer adds to his expeditionary force after you have declared independence
- Terrain double movement from promotions now works properly

Please continue to post any comments and suggestions you have, as we’ll be monitoring the forums throughout the patch creation and can address anything new that might come up.

We’re fortunate to have such a dedicated and enthusiastic community and appreciate your patience as we finalize the patch.


The Firaxis Team

This is great news indeed.

Notice that Firaxis will be monitoring the thread throughout the patch creation, so make sure you post your comments and suggestions at:

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