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Colonization Strategy Guides

Here you'll find some possible strategies and tips for Colonization. The first six articles (1-6) serve as a basic guide.

Sid Meier's Colonization requires a lot of micro management, especially in the cities. You also have to tend to the areas of exploration, immigration, production, trade, as well as foreign and native relations. Keeping an extra eye on production and trade will serve you well, as getting your economy going is a vital part of the game.

Finally, you have to make sure you increase rebel sentiment in your colonies, and build an army capable of defending your colony after the Declaration of Independence.

Colonization Tutorial | Colonization FAQ

For those who are new to the game, the tutorial and FAQ are good places to start. Those who are looking for the answer to a specific question might find it in the FAQ.

(1) Choosing a Nation

The first thing you have to do is pick a European power. So then the questions arises -- which one? It all depends on what long term strategy you are planning [...]

(2) Establishing First Colonies

Try building your first colony as quickly as possible. If you can reach the shore and unload your colonists during your first turn, that would be ideal. When the game starts, go to the menu [...]

(3) Building Priorities

You have established your first colony, and now the question is what buildings to finish first. Obviously, in order to build anything at all, you need to assign a colonist to the [...]

(4) First Founding Fathers

Some Founding Fathers are extremely valuable during the first phase of the game, and some are not. Although Adam Smith gives you a great boost in productivity [...]

(5) Getting Specialist Skills

In Colonization, your economy -- and consequently your military -- depends on production in your colonies. Efficient production requires sufficient raw materials [...]

(6) Fighting in the New World

Sooner or later you will bump into some problems in the New World. On harder difficulty levels this will probably occur sooner rather than later. Other nations and the [...]

Cooperating With the Natives

What advantages could you get from total cooperation with the native tribes in Colonization? This article tries to address that question. The natives will regularly visit you with gifts if [...]

North America Strategy | Flash Tutorial

This strategy guide calls for settling on the East Cost of North America. The first phase is focused on gathering and selling fur to fuel further expansion to the south.

South-America Strategy | Flash Tutorial

This game strategy calls for settling in the southernmost parts of South America, relying on Inca trade as a catalyst during the earlier parts of the game. This strategy comes with...

Naval Warfare and Privateers

Here's one of the best lines in the game: "Pirates? What Pirates? We have NEVER condoned piracy!" Of course you have. Privateers can be great fun [...]

Colonization Menu Tips and Shortkeys

There are five menus at the top of the Colonization screen. Most of them are pretty self-explanatory but here is a quick run-through...

Setting up Trade Routes

Ok, so now you've got your colonies up and running, and cargo is starting to pile up in your warehouses. Now is the time to make use of the Trade Route option in Colonization. Here's how you do it...

Overview of the Natives

There are eight different native tribes in Sid Meier’s Colonization. In order to further your Colonization expertise, make sure you know a little bit about them...

Preparing for Independence

When will you be able to declare Independence? Independence is, after all, the ultimate goal in Colonization. Here are some tips on preparing for the declaration of independence...

Hot Seat Play by Colonizer23

As always, while Colonization is a very good game, i have not always been happy with the AI being satisfactory or creative enough with repeat plays [...]

Getting a Good Start by Viceroyjoe

Getting a good start in Colonization is extremely important. Here are some tips: 1) Pick the Netherlands, not the English. The Merchantman is a big advantage [...]

Selling Goods for Top Price by Mike

Because the game treats a customs-house sale as a single transaction, you can get much higher prices for all your manufactured goods by holding on to them until [...]

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