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Trade routes in Sid Meier's Colonization

Ok, so now you've got your colonies up and running, and cargo is starting to pile up in your warehouses. Now is the time to make use of the Trade Route option in Colonization. Here's how you do it:

You have to set up your trade routes from the Trade menu. First you select sea- or land-based trade route. Next you pick the colonies you want to go to (max 4), and finally you select cargo to load/unload. Be sure to get it right: Load cargo in one colony, unload in another and pick up new cargo to unload in the next colony etc. If you want to load a specific amount, hold SHIFT and drag the selected cargo -- this will give you the option to choose any number from 1-100.

When your ship or wagon train is active, go to "Begin Trade Route" in the Orders menu. Pick the right trade route, select first colony to go to -- that's it. The trade route should now work.

Extra tip : Don't make more than 12 trade routes, there is a bug if you exceed this number. Don't worry, 12 should be enough. Remember to use Custom Houses (Requires Peter Styvesant), they are good junctions for unloading cargo and selling it in Europe.

Sea-based Trade Route to Europe? Yes, it is possible: Start a sea-based trade route between two of your colonies. Then, edit that trade route from the Trade menu -- it should now be possible to change one of the destinations to Europe

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